martedì, febbraio 06, 2007


Il tempo in questi giorni è veramente primaverile, ma al mattino e alla sera la nebbia è molto forte.
Il Parco e il laghetto della Villa Reale che si trovano nella mia città domenica erano così.
Non mi piace la nel parco sembrava di essere in un mondo ovattato. Una sensazione bellissima.

In these days it seems spring time, but in the morning and in the evening it's really foggy.
The park and the little lake in the "Villa Reale" of my town sunday looked like this.
I don't love fog......but in the park it seem to be in a cottonwool world. A nice sensation.

C'era un gruppo di persone che nonostante la nebbia facevano stretching.

There were some persons that were doing stretch in spite of the fog.

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Mrs. Goodneedle ha detto...

Lovely, foggy photos.

Pam ha detto...

Very pretty pictures. Too see the building off in the fog - and the water. It has been very foggy here for the past 3 days as well. I didn't take any pictures though.

Shirley Goodwin ha detto...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Teodo. I love the fog, it makes everything look mysterious. What a great collection of bells you have in that earlier post.

Shirley in New Zealand

Luna ha detto...

Oh, I like this photos. Here in North Germany it´s sunny, but very cold. Hope, I can take tomorrow some photos outside in the sun, but our weather her is changebable.

Tanya ha detto...

Hi. Thanks for visiting. I've tried felt work too but my cats seemed to think the little things I made were cat toys!

Laurie Ann ha detto...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I really like that blue quilt that you showed in your last post. Lovely!

Pauly ha detto...

Beautiful photos,you live in a beautiful place .greetings from Chile ,here is very hot.

Cynthia ha detto...

hello and thank you for visiting my blog. My parents were born in Italy but later moved to Australia.

The photos of the fog are lovely.

Daniela ha detto...

Hello and welcome to my little world of patch. I'm very pleased that you left a comment and you liked my blog. So, here I am! I have already started to read your blog and I'm charmed. I'll add your blog adress to my list so I came back soon. Please tell me your mail adress (mine is
Daniela / Suceava / Romania

Simonetta ha detto...

Molto suggestive queste foto, grazie Linda ;-))))

tiz (la figlia della Grazia) ha detto...

Grazie x queste foto! Se ne metterai altre, mi farai felice perché sarà un po' come essere a casa!